Brt Symbol Skyways


Transportation solutions under Elevate SD may include looking to the sky to help relieve road congestion.

Skyways have been used as a form of transportation for decades but is relatively new to urban areas in the United States.  Similar models currently operate in Portland, Oregon and Roosevelt Island in New York, as well as in many other countries.

Skyways would operate on aerial cables that could move passengers as effectively as a Trolley, but are less costly to build.

Skyway systems are comprised of stations (where passengers board and exit), towers (which support the cables) and passenger cabins. Cabins, which can range from 8-12 person capacity, can operate as frequently as every 12 seconds. In this scenario, a skyway could move up to 2,400 people per hour, per direction – the equivalent of a bus leaving the station every minute!

Possible Elevate SD Skyway Projects Include: 

  • Skyway between the Mid-Coast Trolley extension to beach areas
  • Skyway between the Mid-Coast Trolley extension in University City and Sorrento Valley