Fares Green


MTS is investing $35 million into new fare technology that will greatly improve the customer experience for MTS riders. Called PRONTO, the new system will allow people to easily load money on their PRONTO cards at more than 100 retail outlets, online or on their smart phone; at ticket vending machines; at the Transit Store; or by calling MTS customer service.

Under the new system, riders pay as they go and always get the best fare! When riders tap their cards on validators to ride MTS buses and Trolleys, one-way fares will be deducted until the rider earns a Day Pass and then they ride for free the rest of the day. Earn enough Day Passes to reach the Monthly Pass threshold, then riders ride free for the rest of the month.

The system will also allow people to apply for discounted passes online. This will make it easier for seniors, youth and people with disabilities to take advantage of half-price one-way fares and Day Pass rates, and a 66% discount from the adult monthly pass price.

PRONTO is a comprehensive system that will include all new equipment at Trolley stations and on-board buses. There will be a new website, mobile app and web portals for MTS business partners. Look for the new system to come on line before Summer of 2021.