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Light Rail Transit

San Diego became home to the first modern light rail system in 1981 when we started service on the Trolley. Since then, we’ve expanded to three light rail lines running over 54 miles of double-track, with a new 11-mile extension to La Jolla and UTC slated to open in 2021.

Light rail operates on a separate right of way, away from street and car traffic. San Diego’s light rail vehicles can move more than 3,400 people per hours (7.5-minute frequency, with current three-car trains), compared to 2,000 people per traffic lane per hour.
Possible Elevate SD Light Rail Projects Include:

  • Trolley to the San Diego Airport
  • Trolley along I-805 corridor
  • Add extra service to existing Trolley lines (e.g. boost to all-day 7-minute frequency – currently at every 15 minutes most of the day)
Light Rail Transit