Brt Symbol

Bus Rapid Transit

In 2014, MTS introduced Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to its system with the launch of its Rapid service. BRT service is a high-quality bus service that offers some features and amenities similar to light rail.

They are high-frequency, limited-stop routes that utilize infrastructure and technology to make trips faster and more convenient. Features may include:

Dedicated Right-of-Way: Buses are given a dedicated lane to help avoid time delays like being stuck in traffic with personal automobiles.

Transit Signal Priority: Gives buses shorter red lights, longer green lights and/or jump starts at intersections.

Streamline Route Alignment: Buses operate in the center of a guideway to keep boarding platforms separate from sidewalks and regular auto traffic.

Station platforms: High-amenity stations with shelters, seating, electronic display information and security features.

In addition to helping with on-time performance and faster trips for riders, such improvements can also benefit car users by keeping buses from stopping the normal flow of traffic.

Possible Elevate SD Bus Rapid Transit Projects Include:

  • Add Rapid service on SR-52
  • Add Rapid service on SR-56
  • Add Rapid service to connect Kearny Mesa to Mid-Coast extension
  • Add Rapid corridor along I-805 with Rapid and Rapid Express service
  • Create a dedicated guideway on El Cajon Blvd. to speed-up Rapid vehicles from Otay Mesa to Kearny Mesa and beyond
  • Convert existing bus routes to Rapid routes or add Rapid routes on existing local bus corridors
Rapid Bus 215 at Balboa Park