Boulevard Bus Way

In January 2020, MTS celebrated the inauguration of the Boulevard Bus Way, a three-mile stretch of dedicated bus-only lanes along El Cajon Boulevard to speed up service and increase usage of a transit corridor that serves thousands of passengers daily. The pilot project will study how a dedicated transit guideway on one of the system’s busiest corridors may help reduce traffic congestion, increase transit ridership and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Boulevard Bus Way runs between Park Boulevard and Fairmont Avenue, connecting some of San Diego’s oldest urban neighborhoods and providing quick access to many top locations where people live, work and play. The Boulevard Bus Way is served by routes 1, 6, and Rapid 215, which collectively carry thousands of passengers a day.

The Boulevard Bus Way also creates quicker trips for MTS and its passengers thanks to traffic signal priority, shorter red lights and the ability to bypass general traffic along El Cajon Blvd. Initial route feedback (prior to CVOID-19) showed on-time performance for Rapid 215 saw a 6% average rate of improvement compared to pre-bus only lane service, with even stronger improvements in traffic-congested peaks. Dedicated bus lanes can also benefit the general public by getting buses out of the general traffic lanes, and creating a more dynamic transportation environment.

The Boulevard Bus Way is a forward-thinking approach to mobility that aims to provide better transit options and transportation solutions for our local communities, and will help pave the way for future projects throughout San Diego and beyond.

This project was made possible by collaborative effort between the City of San Diego, El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association local residents and MTS.