Most people know San Diego for its “75 & sunny” year-round weather and beautiful beaches. But now, the region is facing major challenges to our quality of life. 


Housing is no longer attainable for many San Diegans.

Air Quality

Air quality continues to receive an ‘F’ from the American Lung Association.


Freeways are almost as wide as they can get, and suburban sprawl is running out of room.

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The relatively low investment in public transportation over the years is catching up to us.

New strategies are needed, now.

Elevate SD 2020 is about engaging the many diverse communities of our region to help produce a blueprint for creating a faster, more seamless public transportation system for today and into the future. 

Projects and priorities identified in the outreach process could shape a potential funding measure, which is being considered by the MTS Board of Directors for 2020.

The values guiding Elevate SD 2020 include:


Providing better access to jobs and educational opportunities, especially for disadvantaged communities.


Making transit time-competitive with the auto.


Providing fast and dependable service for riders.


Improving access for seniors and people with disabilities.


Utilizing existing infrastructure to make immediate improvements; while also

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Seeking out opportunities for longer-term, high-investment infrastructure improvements