The last successful ballot measure to support roads and transit was passed in 2004. It has made many positive impacts on our region, including:

  • Building the region’s largest-ever infrastructure project in the Mid-Coast Trolley extension (service to launch in 2021)
  • Adding HOV lanes and Direct Access Ramps on I-15
  • Providing bus rapid transit (BRT) projects including South Bay Rapid, SuperLoop Rapid, Rapid 215, Rapid 235 and Rapid 237
  • Modernizing the MTS Trolley fleet with low-floor cars throughout the system
  • Accomplishing a complete overhaul of the Orange and UC San Diego Blue Lines
  • The improvement of many roads and highways.

A measure to support even more roads and transit failed in 2016. The difficulty of building consensus across the entire region led to Assembly Bill 805 (Gonzalez Fletcher), which gave the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) the authority to propose to voters to raise revenue up to half-cent sales tax for transit-related projects.   

As a result of AB805, the MTS Board of Directors is considering putting forth a funding measure in 2020. A proposed sales tax measure would require at least 66.67% voter approval, and would only be applicable within the MTS service area.

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