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Future of Transit

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San Diego is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. It’s a leading high-tech hub, and home to the largest military population and the busiest land port of entry in the country. And by 2060, our region is expected to grow an additional 22 percent, to 4.1 million residents. 

A region as thriving as San Diego demands a transportation plan capable of helping us meet the immediate challenges of today and into the future.

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How do we best connect people to opportunities?


What investments will create easier access to the places we work, live and play?

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Where can we provide viable alternatives to gridlock?


What new ideas are there to provide better first- and last-mile solutions?

Elevate SD 2020 is a collaborative effort to find immediate transportation solutions that have a long-term impact for San Diegans, and it’s your chance to contribute to a better connected San Diego.